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Welcome back to the Hat Generation website, which is a website all about… HATS! Fancy that 😉 My own obsession with hats started about 3 years ago when I discovered those delightful little mini hats called fascinators. I learned how to make them and became more curious about how to create more advanced designs. I dearly wanted to make a mini top hat and so started to research how to make a hat based on a wired construction.

After I was approached to make some custom fascinators for a wedding a couple of years ago, I quickly became frustrated at the lack of quality millinery flowers available in different colours. Imagine my delight when I found a weekend course outlining the techniques of traditional silk flower making. A couple of weeks later I made my first hand-painted silk flowers which were an exact colour-match for my customer’s dresses.

Excited at the success of my silk millinery flowers I then enrolled on a millinery techniques course which lasted a few weeks. The course covered techniques using hat blocks, felts and straw as well as buckram and sinamay fabrics which I’d already used before.

This website is dedicated to sharing techniques and how-to’s with you as I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not easy finding good reference guides and photos of traditional millinery techniques.


NinaHats for Everyone